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Accessibility Features

The STV website has been specifically designed for people with disabilities. It has features that are aimed at people with visual impairment and those who prefer to use the keyboard than a mouse.

Navigating the site without a mouse

This site uses the standard HTML features for site wide navigation using the keyboard. Listed below are the short-cut keys specific to this site. Other short-cut keys are standard, but vary from browser to browser. These keys will take you to any part of the site. Once within the site you can use the TAB key to go from link to link.

Here is a list of short cut keys that are used within the site:

Internet Explorer 6+ : use 'Alt + (Access Key) + Enter'

Firefox 2+ : use 'Alt + Shift + (Access Key)'

Macintosh Browsers : use 'Ctrl + Shift + (Access Key)'

Key Function
1 Accessibility Features
6 Legal
9 Contact Us
0 Email Us
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Features for visually impaired users

The site has been structured to be screen reader compatible. We have tested the site with several screen-reader capable browsers.

You can also override most of the design features of the site, to change the font, font size, font colour, or background colours to suit your visual preferences.

How to enlarge the text on the site

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0, 5.5 or 6.0

At the top of the browser’s window, you’ll see a toolbar: choose "view”.

From the list of options that appear in the drop down menu under ‘View’, choose “text size”.

From the next menu that appears with text size options, choose a text size larger than your current setting.

Mozilla Firefox

To make text bigger use 'CTRL++'. Hold down the Control (Ctrl) key, then press the plus (+) key.

To make text smaller use 'CTRL+-'. Hold down the Control (Ctrl) key, then press the plus (-) key.

Instructions for Apple Safari see: Royal National Institute of the Blind.

We do not endorse or support any particular browsers, and will be expanding our testing program to ensure that our site can support as many browsers as possible. Our aim is to be compatible with the HTML 4.01 standard and to limit browser-specific features as far as possible.